From the hills of the Langa and an age-old tradition…the good flavour of hand-rolled grissini. The only way to appreciate the history behind every Zeffirio breadstick is by tasting them.

The breadstick

The Zeffirio family has never had to buy bread because they have always made it at home, by hand.
And the transition from bread to breadsticks came naturally.
In a world with the need for industrial production, we remain bakers.

Unique crispness, a simple, delicate recipe.
So light it only takes a second to eat them!

Lightness is our forte…

Just like
the old days

We are carrying forward the values of tradition which have been handed down through three generations in the good flavour of our hand-rolled breadsticks. Craftsmanship requires time and patience, which is why we use a biga starter yeast in the dough which has leavened for more than 15 hours.
For us, this is the only way to make breadsticks.

Hand-rolled artisan grissini

Form and

Selecting the ingredients, allowing the time needed for natural leavening and respecting the local area and traditions: this is all to be found in Zeffirio breadsticks.
Inspired by a simple recipe that has remained unchanged, the shape of our breadsticks makes them quite unique.