Aldo Zeffirio opened a shop in Valle Talloria at the beginning of 1960, and began his adventure in the small village in the Langhe which was to treat him to a rich education in matters of tradition and craftsmanship.

Aldo Zeffirio and Maria Rosa Viglione, 1960.
On the road in the Langhe

A love for the art of bread-making,
like the bakeries of old…

The value of

Brought up under the guidance and teachings of papa Aldo, Giorgio and Mario lost no time in mastering the family art, contributing to the final launching of their artisanal product on a large scale.

We make hand-rolled artisan grissini

Produciamo grissini artigianali stirati a mano

The third

Michele and Giulia represent the third generation, maintaining traditional values and refusing to give in to the opportunities for short cuts afforded by industrial production, without ruling out the introduction of new flours to cater for market demand.